Topic: Take Off Problems


I am in Sydney, Australia and bought an AR. Drone today but am having some problems with it.

When I try to take off, the drone will lift about 10cm off the ground and then veer off in a random direction.

I am current running firmware version 1.4.6 with FreeFlight 1.6

I have tried rolling back the firmware to 1.3.3, and have tried using the DroneControl iPhone app.

Nothing I have tried has lead to a successful take off and getting into a hover. Currently I have only tested inside.


Re: Take Off Problems

Have your tapped the reset button on the underside, then unplug the battery, rest the AR Drone on a flat level surface and plug it back in.

The lower button resets the auto trim built into the AR Drone.

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Re: Take Off Problems

I went through that and a number of other troubleshooting steps, but was unable to get it going.

I returned it last night and got a replacement, my new one is working fine.