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A.R Drones are fun to play with, but even more fun to modify. Build time: approx 3 weeks.

^1 coat of plastic primer and 3 coats of automotive paint.

^ Academy 1/48 scale f117 modelkit

^ Drilling a hole for the green laser

^ Attaching a metal penciltip to hold the LED

^ Like this

^ Green LED (The brightest i could find)

^ Drilling holes for the Mars Beacon and the bolt which holds the kit to the hull.

^ Cutting off wings and tail.

^ Like this.

^ So it "blends in" with the hull.

^ Cutting away small pieces of foam to make a good fit.

^ Sealing the LEDS with black putty so no light will escape, but leaving a hole to the intrument panel. This way the screen in the cockpit will be illuminated by the green laser LED.

^ Glued a small piece of white plastic and transparant green plastic sheet behind the instrument panel to spread the light evenly across the screen.

^ Like this.

^ Front view.

^ Using rubber caps and rings to protect the landing feet.

^ And bolted them together.

^ Painting tough plastic packaging ( of a computer casefan) with Tamiya PS-31 transparant 'smoke' paint.

^ Cutting out the bottom plate.

^ And replacing it with the stock plate.

^ So you can still see the electronics inside.

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This is one of the coolest mods I have seen for the Drone! Great job!!!

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This is some slick stuff dude. I have an SR-71 blackbird model I'm thinking of doing something like this with, thanks for the inspiration!! Just out of curiosity, did the addition of the metal bolts and feet have any affect on flight time because of the extra weight?

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Very cool.

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Hi @ton can make a video from your flying drone?

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Thanks guys, and yeah i'll post some vids soon..
To Hazard: Im sure a blackbird will look great too! Pls post some pics if you gonna make something like that, SR-71's are the coolest planes ever

some pics of the final design:

Added some gearguards to avoid broken/bended shafts:

Test @ home

Final look:


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And about the bolts; well no, its hardly noticable, maybe a minute or so...

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I know this is an old thread, hope your still around.  SUOER SLICK IDEAS!.

Love the gear protector, it gave me some ideas to try on my drone.  I noticed what looks like a spacer/bearing at the bottom of your prop shafts.  Looks different on my drone, looks like just a round head pin.  Are you using any bearings for your shafts? Keep up the nice work!

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the best looking drone I ever seen, good job, perfect