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Hi guys

i bought this spare  battery from ebay: … 1439.l2649

and when i first plug it to the charger it the led indicates RED (charging).. but after a while it goes REd/Green alternating (after 30mins-1hr or so)..

What gives? what does it mean?

I have played w/ the spare batt before and it seems to work fine

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Re: Battery Charger blinking Red and Green...

If its Flashing Red/Green then you probably have a faulty Battery, my Stock Parrot battery started to do this after about 5 charges but it was taking around 3 hrs until it finally started flashing Red/Green, Parrot told me it would more likely be a fault and to get it replaced.

It seems strange that it flashes after 30mins-1hr i would think a battery of that size would take about 2-3hrs to charge anyway. Also bear in mind a battery that weighs 180g compared to the Stock battery which is about 108g will make the motors work that little harder because of the extra weight and also the drone is only designed to fly around 10mins at any one time so the motors don't overheat.

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Re: Battery Charger blinking Red and Green...

From the AR drone Wiki :

Should you get flashing Green and Red LEDs then this means the battery cell in under maintenance/conditioning. This is normal for LiPos to keep their lifespan.

Re: Battery Charger blinking Red and Green...

I feel like that should be the response to everything.