Topic: Replacing AR: AR or AR2?

OK - I took my drone for a swim and it drowned. At least 1 motor is fried and there's enough damage to the motherboard that it won't turn on.  If I assume that I need a new mom board, a new nav board, and a new motor, I'm up to within $80 of a new drone.  And I'd hate to do it piece meal (get a motherboard then find I need a nav board, and so on) and end up spending more than a replacement.

So... Should I buy an AR or a 2.0?  Is the performance that much better?  Easier to fly? Are AR props, shafts, gears compatible?  What about batteries?


Re: Replacing AR: AR or AR2?

nothing is really compatable between the 2. well until they release the 2.0 in the uk i wont be able to have a good look.
The 2.0 is much much better then the 1.0 so id just spend that little extra and get the 2.0. your find you wont be crashing as much as its more stable.....apparently ;-)
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