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Re: AR Drone 3.0 Wish List

I really think parrot has a lot of potential to be great, but they need to cover the basics first.

1. Fix current issues and maintain solid core features.
The firmware has got to be solid as that is crucial to everything. Even support for their products has to be number one as angry customers don't refer others (android users feel this more than anyone). Bigger battery, props that aren't warped on delivery, a front camera not set to focus 3 inches away, and logging for application/ Linux. Have the ability to send error reports from device straight to support?

2. Give some variation
For future models give beginners and experts their pick. Make a standard and pro version. Basic version over wifi, easy to handle, features like it is now. Pro version expandable, antenna changeable, wider array of parts or functionality. May be cool to be able to customize on their site ( example: pick motor size, default battery, RC/wifi, go pro mounts, etc.).

3. Open source!!!!
There are so many talented pilots as well as techs that can just create to their hearts desires. Other units are open source and that tends to widen the community and make better community interaction. When problems arise the community can help. A suggestion would be Parrot offer incentives for fixes, or modifications that are adopted ( free parrot gift card for their parts store, etc.).

This is just my opinion, make things solid first! Having the newest functions and features is awesome, but only when the unit flys for more than 3 minutes with out low battery warnings or drifting off into the unknown from lost signal. I really do like the unit and company. I want to see everyone benefit and grow with this great pass time.

Re: AR Drone 3.0 Wish List

I have two features I would really like:

1. LTE - put an LTE radio in it, and a SIM card slot. It can get configured by connecting via Wifi (as you connect now), and after that, both drone and phone connect to a central server to find each other. Wifi is always available as a fallback, and when one wireless connection is active (as in a phone is actively controlling it), the other deactivates to save battery life.

2. USB customizability. A small USB dongle with several (4 or 8, probably) "plugs" or connectors could be sold on the website. you can plug or solder just about anything onto this connector, and the connector transmits a simple on or off current. On the phone end, four toggle buttons exist on the interface, controlling these on/off signals.
I guess technically this doesn't have to have anything to do with USB; the connectors could just be a part of the drone itself.
At any rate, this would allow easy customizability and added functions to the drone. A string of LED's could be attached, without the need to weigh the drone down with an extra battery or switch. A laser that can be toggled on and off from the phone could be mounted, requiring the effort of nothing but a couple of plugs, at most, some soldering. If you have a lightweight servomotor, you could even aim it with a couple of other buttons. The ultimate goal of attaching a Nerf rocket launcher becomes almost trivial!

Re: AR Drone 3.0 Wish List

of course, Like the mobilephone,  Faster, Longer, Lighter.....

and one important thing is wireless charge. maybe make the dock like a helicoper's parking...

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Re: AR Drone 3.0 Wish List

I would wish the AR Drone 3.0 has

1. Full HD 1080p cameras for both front and vertical. The vertical camera should be able to record the ground as well

2. Higher battery capacity.

3. Long range WIFI transmitter


Re: AR Drone 3.0 Wish List

1. It would be nice if you could fly it over 3G network, this way you never have a distance limit, and you can get the video through a protocol similar to FaceTime or Skype smile

2. Built-in GPS

3. Better camera, or more powerfull motors to handle the GoPro

4. A powerfull IR spotlight pointing down so that the bottom camera can see the ground during the night for stabilization (and turns on automatically)

5. Better and cheaper battery

6. More sturdy frame, bearings, stainless steel shafts, gear protectors