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Topic: Lost a foot?

Lost a foot while flying in a cemetary. (lots of obstacles) didn't realize the foot was missing until a battery change. Went back to the crash site and could not find it anywhere. Did not want to change the whole cross bar over a little missing part.
  This solution cost about 10 minutes of my time and addresses another issue I have had.
First, I scavanged a broken level. Used the screws that were holding in the glass tubes of the level, to attach a scrap end of a ziptie to the boom, creating a new leg. I pre drilled the boom a little to keep the screws from moving around while I screwed them in. A ziptie was then attached to the new foot to finish the other landing gear mod. Used some hot glue to keep the landing gear ziptie in one place. Hot glued the glass tubes to the lower hull. This is for the flat trim. Also put one on the front , going parallel with the camera. The new leg is adjustble now, making the drone be level even on an incline.

Re: Lost a foot?

Beats buying a new center cross.  smile

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