Topic: Connect to Android AP/Wifi-Hotspot

Hello Co-Pilots!

Is it possible, to make the AR Drone 2.0 connect to a Wifi-Hotspot created on an Android Phone (Galaxy SIII) and using this connection with Apps like FreeFlight or others?

Why i m asking:
I have the problem, that i need to set up a connection to the drone and at the same time i want to be able to use the 3g of my SIII. Problem is, that Android cuts the 3g connection, when switching to a Wifi connection (regardless of the Wifi connection providing Internet).
I ve read several Threads, mostly related to the Ar Drone 1.0 or older Firmware, no solution worked for me.

Im running on the latest Firmware version.
Any solution is welcome, i m ready to downgrade/update or do anything, as long as i get this thing to work. Using a router is not an option for my project.

Thx in advance

Re: Connect to Android AP/Wifi-Hotspot

You could telnet to the drone and modify the wifi setup scripts, something like here:

But you might render it unreachable, be very careful when committing the changes to the main scripts. If you use a new file for your setup it should be fine, you just need to reboot it if something is wrong, the tricky part is when you want to make this the default for every boot ...

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