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Fitted a tail fin today which works surprisingly well for straight line stability.

Check out the pics.

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Looks very cool!
Is there interference in turning with this fin mounted? (straight forward should be great  big_smile )


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I've just come back from a test flight in quite windy conditions (with and without the weapon packs):

- straight line stability is massively improved, at both high and medium air speeds.
- at low speed, and hovering, the fin acts as a sail, catches the wind and drifts a bit, but it doesn't spin, presumably because the wind is acting on the front and rear of the drone. This would be lessened if it wasn't so windy.
- the weapon packs don't make much difference to overall performance, although straight line speed seems a little reduced, probably extra drag.

I'm going to make a different fin configuration, with a smaller one underneath, and one mounted on top too. The key I think is total surface area of the vertical fin surface - it needs to be roughly the same as the front overhang of the drone.


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Thanks TonyTHT for the update.

Have fun tinkering with the fin.


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