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Topic: Wavy wobble on video record

I've had my drone a little while now, since about March but not had many opportunities to take it up. This weekend was the second time really, and on both plays the video it's given back has had an odd wavy, wobbly effect on and off throughout. What's causing this?

Video of the latest fly about below. The waviness is pretty much apparent from the start.



Re: Wavy wobble on video record

This is called "jello" effect. You need to balance your propellers to minimise it.

http://forum.parrot.com/ardrone/en/view … hp?id=4828

Re: Wavy wobble on video record

Ah, it's a known thing, that's half the battle good. Something to do next weekend then. Thanks!

Re: Wavy wobble on video record

I do not see that extreme of a wobble in my videos but I get
more of a tipping effect like the drone is on a stick and trying to balance it self right to left.

I also suggest while you are balancing your props
and if you have them you might want to think about replacing the copper
bushings with sealed bearings that will help in keeping
the propeller shafts from extra wear and tear along with adding
to the smoother flight.