I have a DX8 2.4 GHz RADIO.
so naturally, i would like to fl;y my 2.0 drone with it.

Now i have looked around on the web and i am having a hard time decieing which one to buy. (QuadMod Pro, Spektrum AR 600 6 Channel DSM2/DSMX Receiver Kit, etc................................................. and numerous others.

I would appriciate a recommendation.

Thanks, Dallas

Too bad parrot doesn't have a mod.


hey theses are sold on ebay smile and they work great … 1555.l2649


I just recently purchased the Quad Mod Pro from  The WiFi interface is neat and allows pretty much anyone to get into the AR Drone world.  However those of us with professional radios know how much more intuitive the interface is for flying.  Getting your drone to fly on RC involves both a DSM receiver and an interface board to translate those commands to the serial port on the underside of the drone.  The source code for that is free and available on the web.  You can of course assemble the parts, compile the code, and load it yourself to save a bit of money.  I have a Spektrum DX7.  The Quad Mod is a bit pricey, but you get a finished product that fits nicely just in front of the battery tray.  It took about 10 minutes to get it mounted and dig out some foam so it fit under the shell.  Setting up the radio took a bit longer because I didn't realize the new model I selected to set up on was HELI instead of ACRO.  There is a part that requires you to change some settings on the flap switch.  HELI doesn't have that in the menus!  Once I figured that out it all fell into place.  The receiver worked exactly as the instructions said.  Plus there are several YouTube installation videos.  Instructions for binding were clear.  The Quad Mod comes programmed with 4 flight profiles.  2 indoor and 2 outdoor.  They are easily adjustable while on the ground with a few moves of the sticks.  1: 2 meter limit.  Very conservative flight responses.  Good for indoors or for beginners.  2: Still a height limit but a touch more aggressive flight response.  3: No height limit and a good bit of maneuverability.  4: No height limit and flight response is highly aggressive.  I typically fly in mode 3.  The video recording starts when you flip the take off switch and ends when you switch to land.  The flap switch allows you to run in Hoverlock mode as you normally do where letting go of the pitch/roll control brings the drone to halt.  The middle setting turns this off to allow for much smoother transitions from flight to hover.  The drone will still level itself, but it wont pull up hard to counteract movement.  Cycling the flaps from Hoverlock off/on/off and then giving the drone a direction will cause it to do the flip maneuver in the direction indicated.

By far the biggest advantage of using the radio is the smooth control and the vastly improved range.

I'm sure any one of these kits will work and I can only speak for the Quad-Mod Pro, but the Quad-Mod seems to be a well thought out and packaged product.  Whichever way you go, once you start buzzing around with your radio instead of WiFi device, you will wonder how you ever managed before.