Topic: Deezer sound quality

Why is the deezer app sound quality so poor. The files are definitely not at the 320kbps they should be and sound nowhere near the same quality as playing the files from the deezer app on my phone. The files are so heavily compressed and there doesn't appear to be any option to change the quality. Anyone managed to get decent sound from the deezer app?

Re: Deezer sound quality

Why are you using the deezer app?  Man if your going to pay 300 plus for that head unit, have to use wav files on an ipod, or at minimum SD card and wav files uncompressed to get the best sound you can out of this parrot.  Just my recommendation. Download flac, convert to wav uncompressed for all your albums and songs, and put them on an ipod, connect through USB, best sound you can get out of that Parrot for sure.