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I can not get my CK3100 and iphone 5 to synch.  I am using version 4.18b_C on the Parrot.  I only have macs at home and I understand you can not update the CK3100 with a mac.  I have tried in vain to find someone with a pc and bluetooth and on 4th attempt I got one, a Samsung NC110.  Firstly, they wouldn't pair so I forced a connection from the Samsung.  I now have a 'headset' device paired but it doesn't seem paired on the Parrot.  When I go through the software installer it won't connect.

First question is whether I am wasting my time at all with this as the Parrot is a few years old and I wonder if it will ever be able to pair with the 5.

Second question is if I can get them to speak is there any way to update firmware with mac or other than bluetooth?

Final question is if the answer to 2 is no then any suggestions on how I can pair up the device to this Samsung?


Re: iPhone 5 and CK3100

Hi DC,

The Apple iPhone5 is listed as compatible with the CK3100 on the Parrot website.

I would recommend to update the Parrot CK3100 to latest version v5.00 for use with the iPhone 5, the update requires the Parrot software update tool on a bluetooth enabled computer running windows.

If you require further support, If you have not done so already, I recommend to contact technical directly. If you are from outside of the UK/Ireland, please contact the technical support for your country, if you are unsure, E mail the team from the online form at: … ntact_form

Kind Regards

However, this topic will remain open in order to allow members of the forum to also assist you.

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