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Topic: MKi9200 won't recognize 160GB iPod?

My MKi9200 is not recognizing my 160GB iPod Classic. The iPod is running the latest firmware, but the MKi9200 will not display any of its contents. When I try to access the iPod via the menu, the MKi9200 returns an onscreen error, "iPod/Software not recognized", or words to that effect. Otherwise, the MKi9200 seems to function fine and has no problem recognizing my iPhone 3G and an older 80GB iPod.

Any thoughts? Has anyone here experienced anything similar?

Re: MKi9200 won't recognize 160GB iPod?


normally  ipod classic 160 GB 6G  should works with mki9200. try  a soft reset in your ipod classic .

Re: MKi9200 won't recognize 160GB iPod?

Spoke to someone today who has this fault and suspects a faulty plug on the lead that goes into ipod because if he holds it in tight it all works fine.

Re: MKi9200 won't recognize 160GB iPod?

Thanks, guys! I did a soft reset and reattached the plug more firmly, and one of those did the trick, as it now recognizes the 160GB iPod, so this problem is resolved. :-)

Now onto the next problem (songs within playlists revert to alphabetical order instead of chosen order), which I will post in a new thread. :-(