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Hello all-
I'd like to be able to dock my iPhone somewhere on my dashboard, so I can see it in an upright position while I drive.  Has anyone been able to achieve this with the MKi?  I considered using the official Apple iPhone 3G dock and somehow (dremel?) embedding it into my dashboard, but unfortunately the dock is not wired to handle playable content through the 30-pin dock connector. 

Would you please share your thoughts and ideas - or perhaps some pictures?

Ultimately, I'd like to have some elegant solution for this, and have it look as much as possible like it is factory installed.  If possible, I'd like for the wires to be hidden, and I'd like to be able to dock and undock the phone one-handed.  Like, the official Apple dock would be perfect since you can plug the dock connector and the line-in straight into the back of it, but alas, it is incompatible.

All of my research thus far has resulted in inelegance and incompatibility.  I know it's a reach.

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Try the brodit proclip at:

There is a solution that gives you a pass through connector in the cradle that you can plug the mki lead into. You can also get an extension lead from:

Ive used this extension cable to feed a wire throgh my centre console and it works great. Also, it's sturdier than the parrot cable so it will reduce wear and tear on the parrot cable.

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Hi iPhoneguy.

I was wondering the same thing when i saw that sat nav was available.. want to be able to mount it properly in the car but don't want it on the windscreen.  Saw a blog about using the sat nav in the car that had a few different options and does actually refer to the mki carkits … phone-3gs/

the pro clips are the same as kjshanef talked about i think, but seem to do a decent job of mounting your phone

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After having the same dilema (wanted a discrete install that I could have my phone standng up in) I came cross a post on a forum (cant remember where it was) that I developed bit.  The guy had made a phone holder using hs ashtray.  I have an Audi A3 and I know its possible with A3 / A4 because of the location of the ashtray, but it doesnt work on my mates BMW 3-series as there isnt enouh space for the iPhone to "stand up".  Might work for you, depends on your car really.

What you need:

Your ashtray insert
30gb ipod dock insert (the little white plastic insert for the Apple generic dock's)
Dremmel (or similar)
Car bodyfiller (guess it would work with any type o filler but I prefer the car stuff)
Paint (to kinda math your car trim)

Its pretty simple to do.  Cut a hole in the botom of your ashtray (and the recess in the dash) to pass the dock cable through. Glue the ipod insert into your ashtray so your phone sits the way you want it to.  Once the glue dries fill and sand around the insert to leave you a smooth, flat finish with just the dock insert recess visible.  Then paint the whole thing. Pass the dock cable behind the dash, up through the hole in the ashtray recess and glue into the "dock" you have made from your ashtray.

Couple of things you need to watch out for.  The dock cable has the lock clips on the side (press the bottons to release the cable).  The little metal clips on the dock need to be sanded back (I done this with the Dremmel) so the dock cable slips easily in and out of the phone without having to press the release buttons. Depending on the thickness of your ashtray, you might not get contact as the dock does not go far enough into the phone.  Test this before glueing the cable in place (dont make the same mistake I did!!!).  If its a problem, you simply sand back the plastic surround on the dock cable until the dock goes far enough through (2 or 3 mm should do it) or sand the bottom of the dock insert (or both as was the case with me!). 

Thats about it really.  I dont have step by step pics or anything (didnt think anyone else would be interested in this) but I if you want more info let me know - or I can get you pics of the finished job if you want.

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I have a very simple solution to docking my iPhone in the car. I have one of these sticky round magnets on the dash and I stick the thin metal plate that comes with it on the back of my iPhone. Works a treat, and I also have a Belkin Powerjolt cigar lighter to iPhnoe charger. As it happens I have a number of magnets on my dash for various gizmos and I also put the Parrot steering wheel control on one - it sticks by virtue of its own internal metal very nicely (as does my TomTom remote). I tried the Parrot remote on the steering wheel but felt it got in the way, even when located on the inside of the wheel.

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I've done what your looking for. Will post screenies and YouTube video shortly!