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There seem to be a lot of posts and questions regarding the iPhone and the MKi9200, so I thought I'd share my experiences so far in the hope that they're of use to someone.

I'm running an iPhone 3GS with the latest firmware, and the Parrot MKi9200 with firmware 1.22.

I've found the golden rule to be: don't use the dock connector. It rarely works, causes all manner of strange things to happen, and causes frustration and aggravation.

Using Bluetooth things work pretty well. There are the occasional odd issue, but for the most part playing music and taking calls works brilliantly.

The voice control functionality on the 3GS also makes life easier: not only can you use the 3GS to initiate calls (I've found the voice recognition to work better on the iPhone than the Parrot), but you can also say "play album xxx", "next track", and "previous track" to compensate for the lack of bluetooth audio controls.

The one downside to using Bluetooth for audio is the quality; it's noticeably worse than using the dock connector (when it works) or the line in. So I tend to use bluetooth for brief journeys (the phone's in my pocket, I just get in the car and say "play artist bob dylan", or "play album copperhead road" etc). On a longer journey I plug in a car charger for the iPhone and use the line in connector.

So ultimately: the iPhone isn't fundamentally broken with the MKi9200, it's just still experiencing some teething problems. I'm confident that eventually it'll be sorted by firmware, but these things always take time. Anyone considering getting the MKi9200 with an iPhone 3GS will most likely not be disappointed if the caveats mentioned above are kept in mind. If you're expecting perfection (and that's not an unreasonable expectation given the cost) then you'll likely have some complaints.

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I do have an Iphone 3G, connected to the MKi9200.
I found out that, when I do disconnect the dock connector, the Parrot works almost purfectly :-)
I also experience that the Iphone tells me that this is not orginal apples equipments" and want me to put it into Flightmode

is this correct??

I havent tested the voicecontrol described over her, but Im pretty happy with my toy in the car.


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Hi people,

Not even my professional installer could make my new iPhone 3G S play music through the car speakers, except via Bluetooth. The very helpful Parrot technical support team tell me that this is because I have an Orange iPhone and they have not solved the software incompatibility yet. They hope to post a firmware update at some stage. I will give them the benefit of the doubt but there appears to be some 02 iPhone users out there who also find the cable to be useless so it cannot be entirely down to Orange. The Parrot advertising is quite specific about it ability to play music and scroll through playlists etc. when using the cable so I trust Parrot are making A REAL EFFORT to resolve this problem as currently they are making a lot of money from a service that clearly does not work.


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Well, I'm surprised you are appearing so happy. I have had my Parrot MKI 9200 for 11 months, and in that time it has been one problem after another. I would never buy another parrot kit and recommend anyone to steer well clear. I used to have a first generation iphone. This worked occasionally, but even then everytime you plugged in the connector it would say "not a compatible device". Despite frequent firmware upgrades the situation has never improved, in fact it got considerably worse when I upgraded to my 3GS. As a basic hands free kit it is reasonable, but from time to time it loses connection. For anything else this device is flakier than a ginsters sausage roll. In fact, it's dangerous because you end up being tempted into trying to get it working while you are driving. Bluetooth audio is half decent when it works, but quality is average and when you are listening to an album I find the bluetooth simply stops for no reason and you have to re-establish the link. The iphone connector may as well not be there. It does not charge my phone, nor does it allow it to operate through the MKI 9200 in anyway at all. I have been back to Halfords more times than I care to remember, and had 3 replacement units. They are all the same. Ended up have a £60 refund to ease the pain. At the price, these kits are just not good value if you have an iphone as most of the iphone features don't work, never have, and while I live in hope that one day a firmware upgrade will resolve it all, im not going to hold my breath as I suspect turning blue and death would be enevitable.

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Well put Cenobite, my feelings exactly, I have all the same problems, it would be nice if Parrot would communicate with us and give some assurance that this expensive device will one day work as they say it should in their advertising.


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For my 2 pence worth, I have also experienced the incompatible accessory message when connecting via dock cable.
To get it to work everytime I have the ipod app open and the connect dock cable.
So far this workaround wroks everytime...

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My experience with my parrot mki9000 and iPhone has been reasonably similar. I chose to go with the 9000 instead of the 9200 as I didn't want an additional display to remove everytime I didn't want my car windows smashed when I park...but pretty much have exactly the same problems.

The dock connector is very flaky but the call side is now ok with 1.22f (I upgraded from 1.14a as all of the versions inbetween were horrendous!)

One thing to note - the "This device is not compatible..." message appears on all iPhones when docking to a unit to play music, it's basically asking if you want to turn on Airplane Mode to avoid that dah dah-dah-dah dah-dah-dah (you know what I mean! wink) when the phone is sending data forwards and backwards.

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not quite true about the not compatible message.......  Whenever I connect the phone to my Bose docking station at home I never get this message because it is designed to work properly with the iPhone.  I do however get this message when docking into other speaker units I have tried and only sometimes get it on the Parrot dock connector.  So basically, if the parrot was designed to work with the iPhone rather than just being "works with iPhone"  then it should work properly!