Topic: samsung galaxy 2 voice control conflict

I have paired my new s2 with the ck3001 kit.

all my contacts have synced correctly.

however for some reason when i try to make a call through the parrot system with voice activation or even press the call button on my steering wheel (my kit is wired into my car steering wheel controls) my s2 kicks into life and the voice command option on it override the parrot.

the only way i can get the system to work is to manually select a contact in the parrot directory and then select it through parot and even though the phone then takes over once the call connects the voices do at least come out of the car speakers etc.

its very frustrating as the voice commands on the s2 are slow compared to the set up i have on the parot, also the phones voice commands do not shut off the volume of the car stereo when starting to make a call which is what the parot does when using its voice commands.

so for example if i use the normal parot command "phone" etc then the samsung takes over and speaks over the parot through the phones speaker.

if i press the call buttion on my steering wheel  then rather then allowing me to speak the name of the person whos voice commands i have already set up on the parrot again i get the start up voice command option on the phone which takes over.

its really bugging me as my old samsung worked flawlessly with the system.

i have upgraded to firmware 5 and not that there are now new set up options in the advanced tab but i have no idea what these are for or what they are meant to do

Re: samsung galaxy 2 voice control conflict


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a new device and as a result is currently being tested with our products.  For this reason I am not able to confirm compatibility at present. Once testing has been carried out and compatibility confirmed the information will be listed on our website.

If you have not already set up the voice commands on the Parrot CK3100, the CK3100 will automatically use the voice dialling from that of the phone being used. There is an option available to first record voice tags which will then enable you to use the Parrot CK3100 voice recognition.

Once you have paired and connected your phone, to use the voice tags within the CK3100 go to VOICE CMDS>SELECT VOICE RECOGNITION – THEN SELECT HANDSFREE.

Firstly go to Voice cmds/keywords. Record the key words as instructed, if you wish, you can say mobile instead of Cellular.

Once you have either manually sent your contacts or automatically synchronised your contacts you need to go to the following:

Voice CMDS> Phone Book – then select the contact you wish to assign a voice tag too.

Once selected, press the centre button to the menu - record voice tag. You will be asked twice to record the name, press the centre button to hear the beep.

Once you have recorded the name of the contact you can check this is successful. A speech bubble will be next to the contact when you find their name in the phone book and also the name will be heard.

To call this contact, press the green button briefly, you will hear a beep and then say the name.

The CK3100 is intelligent and knows if your contacts have multiple numbers associated to the contact; these are tagged by the phone in categories, home, mobile etc.

If you want to ring Christopher (after recording the name) press the green button briefly on the CK3100 and you will hear a beep, say ‘Christopher’. If Christopher has more than one number associated you will hear a second beep, now say the location you want to call, i.e. Home/mobile etc.

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Re: samsung galaxy 2 voice control conflict

I have got exactly the same problem with my Galaxy S 2 and my Parrot bluetooth - I used the Parrot without fault before with a Nokia so the problem described must be related to the phone.  When I try to use the voice command fiunction on the Parrot, the Voicetalk function on the Galaxy takes over - it puts the phone into driving mode and does not let you use the Parrot voice recognition/calling function (which is much better than Voicetalk).  There doesn't seem to be a way of deleting Voicetalk from the phone.  How can this be resolved?

Re: samsung galaxy 2 voice control conflict

I have a Parrot Mki9100 and a Galaxy S2, and came across the same issue. I managed to solve it when I noticed that it wasn’t syncing my contacts properly. Every time my phone connects, there is a notification that the Parrot is trying to sync your contacts, and you have to allow it from the notification bar (there is an option to always allow). Without this, the hands free kit has no phone book and so voice recognition defaults to the phone. There is an option in the Mki9100 telephone settings to choose phone or hands free kit voice recognition, which then allows you to assign control between the two (but you need the contacts to sync in order for the hands free option to work). Not sure how relevant this is for the CK3100, but hope it helps you.