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Topic: How to quickly turn ON/OFF the MKi9200 Bluetooth Audio ?

I really want to turn off the MKi9200 Bluetooth Audio for many reasons.  What is the quickest way to turn it on & off ?  Is there a way to permanently disable it ?  I have tried to go to Bluetooth Audio menu and click (press the jog wheel) on the connected device, but it didn't work.  Thanks

The reasons I want to turn it off:
1. I use the MKi9200 mainly to listen to the music stored on an SD card.  The problem is that I also want to use it as a hands-free system to my iPhone.  With Bluetooth Audio on, any incoming mails or messages on my iPhone will interrupt the music for a few seconds.  That is very annoying.
2. The Navigator software on my iPhone doesn't stream the audio continuously.  It sends the audio in chunks.  The MKi9200 always misses the first few seconds of each chunk, so instead of "turn right on First Street ... paused ... turn left on A Street ...", you would hear "Street ... paused ... Street ..."